Wintersemester 2010/11

Transform your iThing into a sensor instrument!

The iPhone - along with similar mobile devices - offers a new paradigm in post-laptop digital performance, and the workshop will give people the tools to begin unlocking this potential.The device combines both control interface and sound generating capabilities, giving access to gestural control and the soundworld of computer music, without the need for a laptop.The accelerometers which typically serve as tilt sensors to rotate photos allow high precision capture of the performer's gestures. The multitouch screen, otherwise used for scrolling and pinch-zooming text, becomes a reconfigurable graphic user interface.We will be using the RJDJ application, which allows people to develop software instruments and controllers using Pure Data software, before sending them to the device with no need for jailbreaking. The workshop will suit people of multiple abilities. Those with no experience of using Pure Data will still be able to modify existing patches and turn them into sensor instruments, which is a great gateway into learning Pure Data itself. Those with knowledge and experience of how to use Pure Data will quickly be able to design their own patches and run them on the iPhone. We"ll make sure that everyone goes away knowing where to look on the web for further help and support amongst the large online communities already using Pure Data.Participants will need:iPhone or iPod Touch, Macbook, Headphones (sharing one between two works well)More adventurous participants can use windows, linux and and / or android OS, but support cannot be promised.

Adam Parkinson

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