Wintersemester 2009/10

Workshop by Laura Beloff: Wearable Space

The merger of physical and virtual/digital layers of the world is rapidly transforming our environment to hybrid space. The most of us are already inhabitants of hybrid space through the use of mobile devices, which have also enabled the appearance of hybrid space. However the offered possibilities of use, and the way we are allowed to access hybrid space is commonly restricted to predefined functions. The workshop explores ways how artistic approaches to (wearable) technology can interfere with these processes, and create new viewpoints. The course is focused on wearable technology and its relation to physical objects, space/environment, user, and to our everyday lives. The emphasis is on the unexpected, critical and playful approach to wearable technology.

The aim of the workshop is on the development and realization of ideas and projects.

Introduced are:

  • the main concepts relating to hybrid space and wearable technology.
  • short introduction to wearable technology as a field and historical examples.

Under investigation are:

  • the relation between wearable technology & hybrid space/environment & user?
  • what is the role of wearable technology; now and in the future?
  • how can wearable technology be considered beyond the instrumental perspective of being a tool?
  • the workshop evolves around questions “why?” and “how?” concerning our perception on space and environment impacted by (wearable/mobile) technology.

Initial ideas for projects, or related works in the beginning-phase, are beneficial starting points. Active participation is expected from students, the work method is emphasizing sharing of ideas, opinions and collaborative working. The course is not limited to one specific technical or conceptual approach, but diversity and experimentation is encouraged.

Short bio / Laura Beloff

With acclaimed international reputation as an artist, Laura Beloff’s artistic works can be described as peculiar wearable objects, programmed structures and participatory, networked installations. Many of her works deal with individuals in the global society trying to adapt to highly complex technologically enhanced world, which is becoming increasingly mobile. Beloff has exhibited widely in museums, galleries and media-art events in Europe and worldwide, recently f.e. in the Venice Biennale 2007, and in Brazil 2008. She is frequently lecturing about her research and practice in universities and various conferences. 2002-06 she was Professor for media arts at the Art Academy in Oslo, Norway. 2007-11 she was awarded a five-year grant by the Finnish state. Currently she is visiting lecturer at The University of Art and Design in Helsinki and working towards PhD within Planetary Collegium, University of Plymouth. More information on her works:

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