Titel: OnLine
Ort: Biennale Architettura - Biennale Sessions
Sale d‘armi, Arsenale, Biennale Venezia
Zeit: Samstag, 7. Juni 2014 17.00 Uhr bis 19.00 Uhr

Organisation and artistic supervision:
Prof. Ruth Schnell and Wolfgang Fiel

Idea, concept and performance:
Andras Eichstaedt, Magdalena Marie Friedl, Ludwig Hammel, Fritz Hermann, Thomas Hochwallner, Johannes Hucek, Anton Iakhontov, Rafael Ludescher, Bobby Rajesh Malhotra, Hanna Mikosch, Tina Muliar, Shahab Nedaei, Sebastian Pirch, Julia Tazreiter, Norbert Unfug, Henner Wöhler

Additional Performers:
Matthias Lasser, Johannes Schrems

UAVs (quadcopters), car batteries, electronics, costumes, computers, directional microphones, directional speakers, speakers, cameras, projections, WLAN, various social media applications

With reference to the conceptual framework of the 14th incarnation of the International Architecture Exhibition set out by its curator Rem Koolhaas, we aim at looking into the future of a practice, whose spatial narratives are increasingly shaped by the predominance of technological ecologies, which have long come to exert significant influence over the perception and subsequent interpretation of our natural and man-made environment.

Seen from a contemporary perspective, the modernist promise of neverending progress appears to merge seamlessly with our day-to-day experience of a presence, mediated by vast amounts of digital information. With the performance titled OnLine, we attempt to address the fundamental importance of digital media for our sense of living in a social world by means of audio-visual information, which is gained through the presence of its visitors only. While a face recognition algorithm exemplifies the self-similarity of meta-communities, its code is being played back to the audience within the ultrasonic wave spectrum.

A new user generation is born, faceless, reduced to the recursive logic of an algorithm, connected to and pulled by the forceful promise of a progressive symbiosis between technology and humanity.

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