::KAIROS Recall of Earth

Opening: Thu, 28. 11. 2019 - 8 pm
Exhibition duration: 29.11.2019 – 26.01.2020

MIET - Cultural Foundation of the National Bank of Greece, Thessaloniki
Villa Kapantzi, Leof. Vasilissis Olgas 108, Thessaloniki, Greece

Irini Athanassakis (A/GR/FR), Miriam Bajtala (SVK/A), Electros (GR/USA), Gundi Feyrer (GER/A), Thomas Glänzel (A), Maria Hubinger (A), Anni Kaltsidou (GR), Mathias Kessler (A/USA), Panos Kokkinias (GR), Oliver Kowacz (A), Peter Kubelka (A), Alfred Lenz (A), Brigitte Mahlknecht (IT/A), Sabine Müller-Funk (GER/A), Eva Petric (SVN/A/USA), PRINZpod (A), Patrícia J. Reis (PT/A), Ruth Schnell (A), Christian K. Schröder (A), Helmut Swoboda (A), Mathias Swoboda (A), Themos Vafias (GR), Letizia Werth (IT/A).

Artists workshop Digital Arts Department:
Manuel Cyrill Bachinger, Çağdaş Çeçen, Laurus Edelbacher & Anna Watzinger, Ruth Zimmermann.

Curator: Sophia Panteliadou

The word kairos might refer to natural phenomena (weather), however, it also might refer to temporality (time). The ambiguosity inherent to this word is the main subject of this exhibition.

::KAIROS Recall of earth is a cross-media exhibition discussing the relationship between humankind and the phenomena of natural events, in other words, it addresses the diversity of possible entanglements between humans and nature. What is the relationship of an aesthetic experience in everyday life in terms of experiences in art? What is the relationship between art and weather phenomena and the metaphorical language in the arts? Is "weather" a phenomenon that has the potential to show people their limits? Or does the horizon create unlimited possibilities in art through this medium?

As part of the exhibition project a workshop was held in collaboration with the Department of Digital Arts from the University of Applied Arts Vienna and the Central Institute for Meteorology and Geodynamics of Austria. The ongoing result of the workshop in relation to the above considerations are reflected artistically by Manuel Cyrill Bachinger, Çağdaş Çeçen, Laurus Edelbacher & Anna Watzinger, and Ruth Zimmermann. The artworks shown here were presented and discussed on the 4rd of October 2019 at the 58th Venice Biennale – organized in the context of Biennale Sessions.

Artists participating in the exhibition:

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