remote sandbox: manifest. Installation view Schauraum. Photo: DIGITAL ARTS/Verena Tscherner

remote sandbox: manifest
Choreography for 6 Monitors and 5 Instruments, 2020

Six monitors mounted to metal supports and five musical instruments are situated at different viewpoints in the exhibition space. The installation itself is not traversable, however the monitors and sound are directed at the visitors.

In the first part of the 30-minute choreography, the monitors display alternating video sequences: documentary material compiled into an audiovisual composition – insights into production, sketches, and artistic implementations. The underlying projects – Digital Art Network (DAN), Distances Sound, and (un)shared homes, were developed in multiple courses during the lockdown in the summer semester 2020 and presented online at the Angewandte Festival in June 2020.

The second part consists of the live performance of Distances Sound, a composition for one electronic and four acoustic instruments, distributed amongst the monitors in the installation. Air compressors and servomotors control the multi-channel sound sculpture, which follows a special score written by the students.

remote sandbox: manifest @ PARALLEL
Concept, exhibition design: Martin Kusch, Marie-Claude Poulin, Rini Tandon
Editing, production: Johannes Hucek, Jakob Hütter, Martin Kusch, Rini Tandon
Set-up, realisation: Wolfgang Fiel, Johannes Hucek