The Voxel Dilemma. An exhibition with works by students from the DIGITAL ARTS department in the Metaverse Voxels

A blank canvas is both an invitation and a challenge – regardless of whether it is in analog form or as an empty digital space that needs to be filled with voxels – the three-dimensional variant of the pixel. Students at the DIGITAL ARTS department accepted both as the final project of a course on art in virtual space with curator Markus Reindl. The result is a wide range of works that deal with space, identity and the foundations of virtual worlds in digital formats.

DFC – Digital Francisco Carolinum, the virtual location of OÖ Landes-Kultur GmbH, is located at 17 Clarion Alley on San Francisco Island in the Metaverse Voxels.

>> Works by: А ь, Anastasia Voloshina, Marcin Ratajczyk, Mariia Tikhomirova,, Sebastian Pfeifhofer, @yaseminduruart, Zita Kayser

>> Opening: Fr. 03.02., 8:00 p.m. (DJs: Sarah Mo & Amunik, Visuals: Claudia Virginia)

>> Exhibition duration: 03.02.-01.03.2023, 24/7

>> Venue: DFC – Digital Francisco Carolinum //


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