The Department of DIGITAL ARTS / Ruth Schnell
at the Angewandte Open House 2022

Study information, current artworks, 360° screening at the Fulldome Lab, Zoom session

Wednesday, November 9
10:00 – 18:00

Visit our new premises at Postsparkasse (PSK) within the framework of the Angewandte´s Open House 2022. Get an insight into our art practices & digital workflow. Meet students and teachers & experience real and virtual exhibition environments.

>> Bluebox and VR Lab // Current art works
Current art works by students of the DIGITAL ARTS Department.

>> Fulldome Lab // 360° Screening
Choose from 10 immersive pieces produced at the Fulldome / VR & AR Lab.

>> Workspace // Study information
Meet students and teachers and get information about our study programme.
Plus: DK 22 station – explore the students´ virtual exhibition spaces or access the exhibitions from anywhere:

>> Zoom (14:00–18:00H) // Get in touch online
Between 14:00 and 18:00 we offer additional study information online. Link:

A PDF with information about all the shown works can be found >>here<<.