Public Lecture

Donnerstag, 1. Juni 2023
14:00 - 15:30 Uhr
Ort: Expositur PSK, Georg-Coch-Platz 2/1. OG, 1010 Wien

JILL SCOTT (media artist, art and science researcher, professor emerita from the ZhdK, CH)

In this lecture, Jill Scott will focus on the design of interactive artworks, sensorial strategies and associated research into neurobiological anatomy, ecology, and media art. She will focus on the experience of the audience and strategies to attract people from different backgrounds with layers of meanings that utilize their own individual senses to create memorable immersive experiences. The result is a spatial and sequential framing for audience interaction in the disciplines of both Art and Science. Neuro_Eco_Media is a retrospective from 20 years of creative research by Jill Scott and her team. Here eight projects reveal how scientists investigate sensory perception and behaviour at the molecular, cellular and systems level. Each work also features creative metaphors about the environment around us. This curated collection of works is especially designed for diverse spaces like museums, biennales, science fairs and ecological landscapesand assisted by catalogues and documentary videos. NEURO_ECO_MEDIA suggests that art can be an alternative catalyst for scientific communication, one in which the metaphors and analogies can be shared. Each project not only helps the public understand neural and ecological complexities, but it aims to encourage new social, cultural, and educated “ways of seeing”, thereby also adding to the field of visual culture.

Prof. Dr. Jill Scott is a media artist, a curator, a writer and an art and science researcher. She is professor emerita from the Zurich University of the Arts (ZhdK) in Zürich, Switzerland, and founded their Artists-in-Labs Program in 2000. Her own artwork spans 44 years of production about the human body and body politics. In the last 20 years she has focused human health based on research into molecular biology, neuroscience, botany, and ecology. She has had many international exhibitions in both art and science venues. She also curates LASER Salon in Zurich for the Leonardo Society USA and writes books on art and science (Springer and de Gruyter).


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