Public Lecture

Donnerstag, 22. Oktober 2020
14:00 - 15:30 Uhr
Ort: Zoom Meeting; Meeting ID: 933 5197 9012. Please register at:


Performative shapeshifters: hyper-instruments, metatools and other interface wonders

"The development of digital technology and digital interfaces strongly influenced contemporary societies. Digital systems and devices influence how the different parts of a societal system interact with one an other. Digital technologies often shape how people perceive, act, behave, desire.

The way digital interfaces are functioning heavily influences the actions and possibilities of the communicating entities, so much they can be thought as active “third parties”, often invisible and silent ones. The same immateriality that makes digital interfaces easy to create, adapt and spread makes them also unnoticeable and unreadable, powerful and mysterious blackboxes.

Performing with new media often means designing these kind of interfaces to connect actions or events to technological media systems. The result of these interactions, how they work and how readable they are, shapes the way communication evolves between the performance and the audience.

Using examples of my work I’ll propose a discourse around these themes and how I approach them in my artistic practice." (Stefano D` Alessio)

Stefano D’Alessio (*1987 in Italy) is a new media artist, composer and educator. His focus revolves around interactive performances and installations, merging different media through technology and paying special attention to time-based composition. His research addresses the digitisation of the human in new technologies and the virtual representations of the “real”, with a special focus on the influences that the internet and its derivates have on the human body and human behaviour. Stefano is a musician and composer of electronic and electro-acoustic music, he often collaborates with dance, theatre and video directors and regularly exhibits and performs in international music and new-media art festivals.
Stefano received a bachelor degree in Visual and Performing Art from the IUAV University of Venice and a magister’s degree after studying Transmedia Art with Brigitte Kowanz at the University of Applied Arts Vienna. Since 2010 he has been giving workshops around the globe about interactive media for arts and collaborating with Klaus Obermaier and Martina Menegon on various artistic projects. Stefano currently lives and works in Vienna (AT).


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