(un) shared homes – a dislocated impro-performance

Six people locked up in their homes, alone and together at the same time. "(un) shared homes" testifies to performative practices developed between four walls at the height of the pandemic. The exploration embodies the intention to reinvent a daily place, which by being captive of its confinement, is on the way to empty itself of its meaning. How to take advantage of this timeless space to give a new significance to these “private” rooms and their household objects? How to cultivate a relationship with oneself and with the sensory world of the concrete in a period when the encounter with the other practically only exists online? What becomes of this encounter, reduced to the surface of the screen? "(un) shared homes" is a live improvisation-performance lasting approximately 30 minutes, without interruption.

Realized in the framework of the seminar "Home-specific performance practices: constraint, intimacy and abstraction, and the ethics of irreplaceability” by Marie-Claude Poulin. Conceived in collaboration with and performed by: Lucy Carrick, Bi-In Jin, Hanna Mikosch, Azalea Ortega, Elisa Pezza, and Jakob Schauer.