University of Applied Arts Vienna
Department of DIGITAL ARTS
Hintere Zollamtsstraße 17, A-1030 Vienna

Univ.-Prof. Mag. art. Ruth Schnell

The Department of DIGITAL ARTS is a place of artistic education and research that opens up new fields of practice. These fields explore, in particular, the changes in our perception and understanding of reality brought about by media technology.

Digital art is defined by code- and time-based unstable media. The program focuses on the development of artistic design methods and experimental approaches in combination with the appropriation of technical know-how. Learning is project-oriented, accompanied by theory, and transdisciplinary. Digital technologies are used in ways contrary to how they were intended.

Key areas of artistic practice are, amongst others, interactive installations, dynamic projections, immersive environments, sound art, robotics, wearable art, pervasive gaming, performance, interventions in public space, and the examination of relevant production methods such as open source and DIY culture as well as the perception of body and space, e.g. within immersive and interactive artistic environments (Fulldome & VR/AR Lab, Sound Art Lab).