"Good Water"

Curation: Ruth Schnell

Eröffnung: 01.10.2015, 19:00 (The artist will be present)
Ausstellungsdauer: 02.10.2015 - 22.11.2015
Öffnungszeiten: 10:00 - 22:00
Ort: Schauraum Angewandte - quartier 21 im MQ, Museumsplatz 1, A-1070 Wien


© Tommy Schneider

Water is indispensible for organic life on earth.
The installation GOOD WATER stages this element in its smallest unit. As a drop of water, it displays the effect of the marginal in a space - a neon pen simulates breakdowns in the distribution system.


Born in Upper Austria. Studied at the University of Art and Industrial Design Linz and University of Applied Arts Vienna. Co-founder of the Stadtwerkstatt, a cultural association and autonomous cultural center in Linz. Since 1981 exhibitions, filmscreenings and lectures in Europe, Africa, Near East, China, Russia and Australia. Tommy Schneider lives as multimedia artist and lecturer in Vienna.

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