remote sandbox: manifest
The Department of Digital Arts at PARALLEL VIENNA 2020

Exhibition duration:
22.09.2020 ­– 27.09.2020

Rudolf-Sallinger-Platz 1
1030 Wien

7th floor, room 7.04

Opening hours:
10.00 – 18.00
(COVID-19 security measures: time-slot tickets can be reserved visiting

The seminar rooms, studios, and labs of the Department of Digital Arts at the University of Applied Arts Vienna – like almost all spaces of public life – were abandoned from mid-March 2020. In this time we searched for new strategies in our artistic production and education, which conceive this isolation as a productive substance. Under the umbrella title remote sandbox, we developed collaborative works and solo projects, which were not dependent on a shared physical space. Among them are works that influence one another as data streams, automated art processes that take place regardless if someone is watching or not, and performative encounters that try to fathom the conditions needed for community in isolation.

The installation remote sandbox: manifest couples these works for combined reception. The artistic processes in a virtual, placeless and timeless collaborative space are released from the web into real space and translated into a 30-minute audiovisual choreography.

>>>You can find a web version of the brochure here. <<<

You can find supplementary material about the remote sandbox: manifest projects DigitalArtNetwork und (un)shared homes on the department´s Vimeo channel.

Sara Anzola D´Andrea, Manuel Cyrill Bachinger, Hanna Besenhard, Lucy Carrick, Aral Cimcim, Ferdinand Doblhammer, Marian Essl, Ulrich Formann, Kilian Hanappi, Jakob Hütter, Anton Iakhontov, Bi-in Jin, Haris Kahriman, Johannes Krumböck, Hanna Mikosch, Isabelle Orsini-Rosenberg, Azalea Ortega, Vasiliki Papadopoulou, Elisa Pezza, Sebastian Pfeifhofer, Luca Sabot, Jakob Schauer, Hans Schmidt, Patryk Senwicki, Verena Tscherner, Anastasia Voloshina, Agnieszka Zagraba

The contributions were developed under the artistic guidance of:
Stefano D´Alessio, Thomas Felder, Klaus Filip, Johannes Hucek, Nicolaj Kirisits, Martin Kusch, Marie-Claude Poulin, Ulla Rauter, Patrícia Reis, Ruth Schnell, Rini Tandon

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