The Department of DIGTAL ARTS / Ruth Schnell
at the Angewandte Festival 2022

>> Re. Pairing. Future (more)
Main building Angewandte, Lichthof A (Ferstel-Trakt, GF)
Oskar-Kokoschka-Platz 2, 1010 Vienna

DIGITAL ARTS department, studios (2nd floor)
Hintere Zollamtsstraße 17, 1030 Vienna

>> In Pursuit of Truth (more)
SR 8 (Ferstel-Trakt, 1st floor)
Oskar-Kokoschka-Platz 2, 1010 Vienna

>> AAA (diploma theses 2022) (more)
DIGITAL ARTS department, studios (2nd floor) and Fulldome Lab (GF)
Hintere Zollamtsstraße 17, 1030 Vienna

STAR 9 (Schwanzer-Trakt, 1st floor)
Oskar-Kokoschka-Platz 2, 1010 Vienna

>> Opening hours Re. Pairing. Future, In Pursuit of Truth and AAA:
Tue, 28.06., to Fri, 01.07.2022
11:00 to 21:00 (Fulldome Lab: 11:00 to 13:00)

>> Furter projects within the framework of the festival (more):

:: Virtual environment DK 22

:: Performance Decoding it the hard way
Angewandte Performance Lab at PSK
Georg-Coch-Platz 2, 1010 Vienna // Fri, 01.07., 16:00

:: 23 Bezirke, 23 Litfaßsäulen (advertising column DIGITAL ARTS)
Mariahilfer Gürtel 30, 1060 Vienna

>> The brochure with information on all parts of the exhibition can be found here (German) and an English summary here.<<

Exhibition at Lichthof A and at the DIGITAL ARTS department:
As part of the Angewandte Festival 2022, the DIGITAL ARTS department will be exhibiting under the title Re. Pairing. Future, projects for several spatial and situational settings. Current works by students reflect and shape the image of a fragile present. Certainties are eroding ever faster, while at the same time urgently needed transformations fail to materialise: Against this background, the projects deal with ecology, gender relations, resilience and healing, violence and truth.

Participants Lichthof:
Hanna Besenhard, Margo Dubovska, Ulrich Formann (Diplom), Jürgen Haghofer, Johannes Krumböck, Rita Kulyk, Rina Lipkind, the Futile Corporation, Verena Tscherner, Sarah Wilhelmy, Joanna Zabielska, Oskar Zickler

Participants DIGITAL ARTS department:
Luca Sabot / Kilian Hanappi

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Exhibition at Seminarraum 8 (SR 8)

How can a “true conception of reality” be established in the current day, and how does it influence us as individuals and as a collective? How does truth affect where we are and the way we care for each other (as humans and non-humans)? Which personal tools or senses do we resort to in order to distinguish truth from falsity? Can technology be an asset in the pursuit and repair of truth, even if used within fictional scenarios? In Pursuit of Truth expresses a collective concern towards an excessive trust, dependency, and reliance on new technologies in the digital age by tackling some of its “troubles” such as — digital self, digital other, AI, and mobile tracking. By speculating on “true” presents and futures the exhibition suggests an artificial environment inhabited by fictional species and identities that coexist in a digital landscape evoking a post-climate reality.

The diverse works in this exhibition are the result of a collaborative process developed during the seminar Kollaboratives und disloziertes Arbeiten by Patrícia J. Reis at the DIGITAL ARTS department during the Winter and Summer Semester 21/22.

Eva Balayan, Ferdinand Doblhammer / Holger Guggi, Patryk Senwicki / Robert Gruber, Peter Várnai / Jakob Hütter

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As part of the AAA - Angewandte Abschluss Arbeiten format, the Angewandte presents the current final theses. Diploma theses DIGITAL ARTS (summer 2022):

Azalea Ortega Flores, Severin Gombocz, Bert Wagner
DIGITAL ARTS department, studios (2nd floor), Hintere Zollamtsstraße 17 / 2. OG, 1030 Vienna

Peter Várnai
Fulldome Lab, DIGITAL ARTS department, Hintere Zollamtsstraße 17 / GF, 1030 Vienna

Ulrich Formann (within the framework of the exhibition in Lichthof A)
Angewandte main building, Lichthof A, Oskar-Kokoschka-Platz 2 / GF, 1010 Vienna

Magdalena Marie Friedl
Angewandte main building, STAR9, Oskar-Kokoschka-Platz 2 / 1st floor, 1010 Vienna

Further information on the diploma works can be found here.

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Virtual exhibition environment DK 22
The open-source project Mozilla Hubs offers a platform for the design of virtual environments that users can enter via a browser interface and walk through like in a computer game. The DIGITAL ARTS students have designed, curated and implemented exhibition spaces and experiences here. Artistic works, documentation materials and procedural formats are shown in these spaces. In addition, a video documentation of the exhibition environment DK 21 is available.

Access to all levels:

Works by: Bokan M. Assad, Ferdinand Doblhammer, Marian Essl, Jakob Hütter, Paul Janisch, Patrick K.-H., Rita Kulyk, Liza Lake, Sebastian Pfeifhofer, Carolina Rivera, Ivan Sai, Jakob Schauer, Patryk Senwicki, Emanuel Spurny, Verena Tscherner, Peter Várnai, Anastasya Voloshina, Moritz Wunderwald, Joanna Zabielska
Production: Verena Tscherner & Jakob Hütter
Level design: Ivan Sai, Paul Janisch, Peter Várnai
Editing documentation: Anton Kvitchuk, Verena Tscherner, Jakob Hütter

Decoding it the hard way
Performance with reactive object, 2021/22

Decoding it the hard way is a performance that depicts the interaction with an encrypted system. Two server cabinets are connected with 96 network cables, symbolising exposed connections. The performers try to decode this black box with brute force. The performance will be shown at the Angewandte Performance Lab as part of the festival. Fri, 01.07., 16:00

A work by: Ferdinand Doblhammer and Lea Karnutsch

Angewandte project 23 Bezirke, 23 Litfaßsäulen:
15.06. to 28.06.2022
Mariahilfer Gürtel 30, 1060 Vienna

Advertising column DIGITAL ARTS: Magdalena Marie Friedl (diploma thesis)

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