Max K Super, Kiarer Kristler, Yan Chmarau

23.05. – 06.06.2024

Notice from chilldren: Deer Nayghbors, on wensday 22nd May we want to play on this playgound later then usual. We want to apologize for the possible noises from us. Pleese dont call police, contact us in case of complaints. You can talk with us on our walkie talkies or our telephone.


Dear Parents: Visitors are not allowed to make gun noises, bring toy guns or weapons (including water guns), make finger guns, play war, fight, wear black, wear camouflage print, wear olive green, wear Alpha Industries, wear light up shoes, wear prints featuring cars or other motorized vehicles, use he/him pronouns, play doctor, play family, no supermarket role play (small local business play only), simulate heteronormative marriage, no diesel toy cars, trucks or other fossil fuel vehicles (toy bicycles allowed), only medicated and 100x vaccinated children allowed on this playground, no pink, no blue, no neon colors, no barbies or kens, no endangered toy animal species (e.g. tigers, elephants, dinosaurs, bees, bears, lions, wolves etc.) including no gummy bears, no bubblegum cigarettes (bubblegum vapes only), no unlawful construction in the sandbox, no building sandcastles above 20cm (all others will be stomped), no soft drinks, protein shakes and zero-calorie drinks only, no polyester stuffed animals, (organic cotton fabrics only), no nail polish, no glitter, no crosses, and no carabiners.

Please note that your children will be shadowbanned upon breaking any of these rules.

LARPGROUND is a project by Max K Super, Kiarer Kristler and Yan Chmarau. It focuses on the ephemeral nature of childhood and youth while giving the viewer a glimpse of what the trio thinks of aesthetically when speaking about youth and looking towards a bright, colorful future unlike the one outlined in the text above. Max K Super, Kiarer Kristler and Yan Chmarau are students at Digitale Kunst.