S1E10: : Hüllen, Veils—Covers—Cases

Isidor Forster, Matthias Sanoll

19.06. – 01.07.2024

Hüllen, Veils—Covers—Cases is a multimedia journey through installations, videos, and performance. The exhibition explores the interface between consumption-driven digitization and perceptions of industrially and culturally induced orders. It brings together the projects DiscForce by Isidor Forster and Under the Surface by Matthias Sanoll. Both artists aim to break through the covers of our modern world and discover the underlying layers through their work. Through omnipresent symbols of consumer society, feats of nature, and depictions of cleanliness, human actions and the separation of technologies, progress, and greed are questioned.

The Project DiscForce aims to establish its own online retail platform in the style of industry giants like Amazon. It explores the aesthetics and design of major shipping companies from a fresh perspective, staging shipping boxes as installations to underscore the ubiquity and symbolism of shipping packaging materials in our consumer society. The project critically questions the presence and impact of logos and design language of major online retailers, employing creative interventions to foster new perspectives.

Under the Surface provides an insight into human-nature relationships from the transformation of landscapes to the duality of cleanliness and dirt. The authenticity of the natural environment is often hidden under artificial surfaces. Stagings of cleanliness and order influence our perception and our well-being. Through sculptures and videos Matthias Sanoll wants to give a different perspective on these complex paradoxes.

Isidor Forster and Matthias Sanoll are students Digitale Kunst.