S1E0 (Pilot): GRID LOGIC

Marcin Ratajczyk

11.11. – 15.11.2023

GRID LOGIC is a state of mind, a helpless immersion into endless and contradictory bodily potentialities. A homage to the medium of choice for gay hookups -the wonderfully drippy Grindr app - where users are shinyly available on the App’s titular grid. And everything seems to be always coming back to the grid, the future will give us endless variations of the Grindr grid on top of another Grindr grid. And this is how it feels to use the app. Unfortunately we’re spared from observing this infinite regress.

Marcin Ratajczyk is a 02 Poznań born, Vienna based media artist who is super busy with building a playful interface between toxic masculinity and queerness.

He is making experimental film, digital objects, digital instalations and writing essays.

Currently studying Digitale Kunst at University of Applied Arts under the profesorship of UBERMORGEN. Before, he studied Media Arts at University of Art Poznań and Interdisciplinary Studies with the focus in anthropology at Adam Mickiewicz University Poznań.

Grid Logic

Grid Logic