Rebeka Csombordi, Anna Buchner

13.03. – 25.03.2024

Living two lives, one grounded in the tangible world and the other in the realm of dreams and anxieties, weaving the fabric of unseen realities. Threads stretch over minds, becoming matter weighing down. Mountains don’t rush to be formed. Episode 4 features installations by Rebeka Csombordi and Anna Buchner, both studying at the Art & Science Department.

13.03. - 18.03.

Rebeka Csombordi: Under pressure

In our fast-paced lives, waiting for the next thing remains the only constant factor. Thoughts of the future create a whirlwind of hopes and fears, disconnecting us from the here and now. Take a moment to reflect on timeless mountains, shaped over millennia by the dance of natural forces. By connecting with the gradual transformation of geological formations, we learn to appreciate life’s subtle changes and find fulfillment in the journey itself. Mindfulness becomes our anchor, guiding us back to the present moment amidst the chaos of forward-looking thoughts. Just as nature crafts its masterpieces over eons, we too can cultivate patience and presence, freeing ourselves from the weight of anticipation. Rebeka Csombordi is a multimedia artist from Hungary, specialized in fiber and textile works in the context of socially aware environmentalism.

19.03. - 25.03.

Anna Buchner: Dream Rotation Symmetries

In the allure of fantasies, the line between imagination and reality blurs. In moments of inertia, we retreat into realms of thought, crafting dreams or recollections. The mind emerges as an architect, reshaping reality perceptions. Carl Jung and Wolfgang Pauli explored this concept, blending psychology and physics to analyze dreams by giving structure. Visa versa external reality is infused with significant memories, shaping internal reality. The artwork depicts Vienna’s sites losing significance over time, becoming mundane urban features. Anna Buchner is an Austrian artist researching patterns that are well-defined in science but can be applied on a metaphysical level.