The Department of DIGITAL ARTS / Ruth Schnell
at the Angewandte Open House Digital 2021

December 15, 2021
10:00 – 18:00

>>> Zoom Sessions // Meet students and teachers (more)
>>> Arts live I: DK Stream from the DIGITAL ARTS department (more)
>>> Arts live II: DK Hubs 21, a virtual exhibition environment // live tours (more)

>>> Project documentation connection unstable (more)
>>> Video documentation DIGITAL ARTS 1988 until today (more)

At the annual Open House of Angewandte, students and teachers give insights into studios and workshops of the University of Applied Arts Vienna and inform about the fields of study and study programmes. In December 2021, our doors are going to be opened again virtually. Through the digital format, interested people outside of Vienna can therefore also take part in the information event.

At the Department of DIGITAL ARTS / Ruth Schnell we invite you to live Zoom sessions, where we provide you with study information. The all-day DK Stream, conceived and supervised by DIGITAL ARTS students, combines live presentations of current art projects from our location at Hintere Zollamtsstraße with conversation formats and excerpts from our archive (live via Vimeo). Guided tours through our Mozilla Hubs environment DK 21 present art works in the virtual exhibition space.

>>> Zoom Sessions // Meet students and teachers

Study information and guided tours through our Mozilla Hubs environment:

Are you interested in studying at the DIGITAL ARTS department? Find out more about studying and applying in our Live Zoom Session.

Wednesday, December 15, 10:00–18:00:
=> Link
to meeting
Zoom Meeting ID: 646 0247 7105
Breakout sessions and individual guidance

Further information on the study programme and the 2022/23 entrance exam in February 2022 can be found here (updated continuosly). On January 11, 2022 (11.00 - 12.00) and January 12, 2022 we offer individual counselling appointments on studies and portfolio (via Zoom).


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>>> Arts live I: DK Stream from the DIGITAL ARTS department

Behing the scenes at the DIGITAL ARTS department
DK Stream, broadcast from our location in Hintere Zollamtsstraße, mixes interactive live presentations of art works currently being created at the department with question-and-answer interactions between viewers and students, guided tours through the Mozilla Hubs Environment DK21 and snippets from the DIGITAL ARTS archive. DK Stream is an experimental, non-linear and process-oriented streaming concept. What is real time, what is playback?

Vimeo Link:
=> Link (via DIGITAL ARTS Vimeo account)


// Artworks at Hintere Zollamtsstraße (click here for a PDF with further information):
Manuel Cyrill Bachinger, Hanna Besenhard, Veronika Haller, Isabelle Orsini-Rosenberg, Sebastian Pfeifhofer, Sebastian Schmid, Demian Thirst, Verena Tscherner

=> Physical exhibition tour via live stream: 14:20, 16:20
=> Couch talks via live stream: 13:35, 15:35, 17:35

// Audio-visual live performance:
Anton Kvitchuk and Ivan Sai

=> Performance via live stream: 13:20, 15:20, 17:20

// Videos / Supercuts:
Patrick K.-H., Joanna Zabielska / Bilal Alame / Marysia Kuczynska & Jacek Walawender, Joanna Zabielska & Sarah Wilhelmy, Carolina Rivera, Ferdinand Doblhammer, Emanuel Spurny, Verena Tscherner, Jakob Hütter, Manuel Cyrill Bachinger, Jakob Schauer, Marian Essl _ MONOCOLOR, Ivan Sai & Marta Navrot, Liza Lake, Fedir Shurkhal, Moritz Wunderwald, Nikita Zhukovskiy

Streaming Crew:
Production: Verena Tscherner & Jakob Hütter
Design: Hanna Besenhard & Manuel Cyrill Bachinger
Moderation: Hanna Besenhard, Verena Tscherner & Jakob Hütter
Videodirector: Jakob Hütter & Mehrdad Darafshi
Sound Design: Manuel Cyrill Bachinger & Kevin Stadler
Videoeditor: Mehrdad Darafshi & Anton Kvitchuk
Hubs Operators: Sebastian Pfeifhofer & Moritz Wunderwald
Camera Operators: Fedir Shurkhal & Anton Kvitchuk
Social Media: Julia Jaksch
Gaffa and Catering: Sebastian Pfeifhofer

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>>> Arts live II: DK 21, a virtual exhibition environment // live tours

Art in abstract space:
As an open-source project, Mozilla Hubs offers a platform for creating virtual environments where participants can enter via a browser interface to walk through as in a computer game.

DIGITAL ARTS students have designed, curated and realised abstract exhibition spaces and experiences. These spaces are filled with artworks, artifacts and different forms of artistic processes. All are welcome to explore the spaces at any time, even independently of the Open House duration.

DK 21 Access:
=> Link to DK 21 spaces (entrance via level 1)
(Mozilla Firefox is recommended as browser for best performance)

Works by:
Bokan M. Assad, Ferdinand Doblhammer, Marian Essl, Jakob Hütter, Paul Janisch, Patrick K.-H., Rita Kulyk, Liza Lake, Sebastian Pfeifhofer, Carolina Rivera, Ivan Sai, Jakob Schauer, Patryk Senwicki, Emanuel Spurny, Verena Tscherner, Peter Várnai, Anastasya Voloshina, Moritz Wunderwald, Joanna Zabielska

Hubs Crew:
Produktion: Verena Tscherner & Jakob Hütter
Level Design: Ivan Sai, Paul Janisch, Peter Várnai

Enter here to access the DK hubs space Closed Doors – Open Hubs from 2020.

Guided tours through DK 21 (via live stream):
December 15, 11:00, 15:00 and 17:00

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>>> Project documentation connection unstable

Art for digital and real spaces:
As part of the Angewandte Festival 2021, the DIGITAL ARTS department presented art projects for different spatial and situational specifications under the title connection unstable. In Lichthof A, situated at the Angewandte location at Oskar-Kokoschka-Platz, works created by students during summer semester 2021 were on display; sound and video sculptures, gaming and virtual reality projects dealt with digital and real spaces. A video documentation presents the exhibition.

The video can be watched on the DIGITAL ARTS Vimeo Channel (Link).

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>>> Video documentation DIGITAL ARTS 1988 until today

Works from over 30 years in video:
A video documentation, created on the occasion of the 150th anniversary of the Angewandte, shows a selection of diplomas and student projects since 1988.

The video can be watched on the DIGITAL ARTS Vimeo Channel (Link).

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